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The 4K Film Festival is the first of its kind, focusing on films shot and delivered in cutting edge digital “4K”, marking the next generation of entertainment technology.  The festival is planned for May 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.


We are looking for select, motivated people to become part of the team.  All positions are part time, with the time commitment depending on the position, the current needs and the schedule.  Most positions are volunteer, though some will lead to paid positions, especially as the date of the festival approaches.  As a team member, you'll be able to gain valuable experience plus have access to some cutting edge filmmaking technology, equipment and expertise.


If interested, please send your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you would be the right choice.  Please include the position you’re interested in within the subject line.







Job title:  Submissions associates

Job description:  Assist the Director of Filmmaker Relations.  Help with submission process and keeping track of received films and related information.  Interact with specific assigned filmmakers.

Job requirements:  Friendly attitude.  Knowledge of film industry.  Ability to understand technical requirements.


Job title:  PR and social media associates

Job description:  Will work with Publicist to implement marketing plan, reaching out to the public via news feeds, social networking, handing out flyers at events and other means.

Job requirements:  Friendly attitude; knowledge of social media; experience in PR a plus.


Job title:  Sponsorship associates

Job description:  Work with Sponsorship Coordinator to interact with specific sponsors and potential sponsors.

Job requirements:  Marketing and sales experience a plus.   Well organized, self-starter, able to meet deadlines.   Great writing skills.  Detail oriented.


Job title:  Screening associates

Job description:  Will watch, report, log all submissions

Job requirements:  Love of film; good writing skills


Job title:  Technical associates

Job description:  Work with Technical Director to implement solutions, including cameras, workflow, computers, playback systems, monitors and projectors.

Job requirements:  Strong technical proficiency.


Job title:  Registration associates

Job description:  Work under Director of Guest Relations

Job requirements:  Friendly attitude, attention to detail.


Job title:  Event assistants / guest services

Job description:  Will help at events, including assisting guests and filmmakers, running errands, etc.

Job requirements:  Friendly attitude!



Job title:  Promotional Video Production Crew

Job description:  Team to create promotional 4K videos for the festival, shot on a variety of 4K cameras.  Including producer, director, cinematographer, editor, visual effects (compositing, CG), sound design.

Job requirements:  Appropriate skills and experience to each position.





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