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The 4K Film Festival is focused on helping and motivating filmmakers to shoot and finish their projects in 4K.  With new 4K capable cameras, improved workflow and editing products it's becoming easier than ever to create and deliver film quality or better content.   With dropping prices on consumer 4KTV’s, there will be a growing demand for quailty 4K content in the coming years – leading to additional opportunities for monetization.  After the close of the 4KFF, participants in the 4KFF will have the opportunity to have their content distributed through the upcoming 4K Films online portal.



Filmmaker Resources:


Whether you have already shot, or are planning to shoot and would like to do it in 4K - we will be able to help you with informational and other resources.  Our companion website, 4k101.com, will soon be launched, featuring product information, reviews, blogs, tutorials and forums all related to 4K, as well as listings for people and companies with relevant expertise, equipment and more.


We will also be offering lower-cost conforming and encoding services.



Technical Requirements


The 4KFF will only accept films that were shot at least 90% natively in at least 4K resolution (minimum "Quad HD" = 3840x2160), and that are deliverable in 4K.   Note, up to 10% of the film may be "upconverted from a lower resolution to accommodate special circumstances.  If you have a project that was shot in at least 4K, but finished in a lower resolution (e.g. HD or 2K), you will need to conform and re-output the film in full 4K.



Categories & Awards


Festival categories are:

-  Feature Films (narrative)

-  Documentaries

-  Shorts

-  Music Videos

-  Commercials

-  Fashion

-  Animation (CG)

-  Webisodes

-  Specialty (Timelapse, Travel / Scenery)



Awards will be given for:

-  Jury Award (Best Picture)

-  Best in each category

-  Best Director

-  Best Cinematography

-  Best Screenplay

-  Best VFX

-  Best Student Film

-  Audience Award



Submissions / Deadline

If you have a film you would like to submit into the 4K Film Festival, please fill out the submission form below.  It is an editable PDF that you can fill out online and email to us - at submissions (at) 4KFF (dot) com.  Note that you'll need to download and open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to fill it out and save the file; if opened in the browser, you can only fill it out and print it.  If you do chose to print it, you can mail it to us directly at the address on page 3 under shipping.


Submission Form



The deadlines for submissions are:

July 3: Standard deadline
July 24 : Late / Final deadline



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