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About the Festival

The 4K Film Festival is focused on films that are shot, finished and delivered in (at least) 4K resolution. Our purpose is to help and motivate filmmakers to shoot and deliver in 4K, thus helping to build more native 4K content; and to raise general public awareness of 4K.

Submissions for the festival begin in October, 2014, with the Festival itself slated for May 2015.



Festival Events

Screenings:  Official selections of the festival will be shown in full 4K on theatrical projectors.

      There will also be special screenings, including classic films scanned and restored in 4K

Product demos:  Attendees will be able to check out a variety of 4K products for both filmmakers and consumers - from cameras to 4KTV’s

Panel Discussions:  Experts will discuss filmmaking and new opportunities with this newer technology

Workshops:  Providing hands-on training for filmmakers

Parties:  Pre-festival party with red carpet; daily networking parties

Filmmakers and VIP Lounge:  Available during the days of the festival

Awards Ceremony and Prizes:  At the end, the awards will be formally presented along with some valuable prizes.



So what is 4K?

4K is essentially a newer digital video format that has already begun to penetrate both the professional and consumer realms with products ranging from cameras to 4KTV’s (aka Ultra HD) to playback devices as well as streaming services.  Additionally there are tens of thousands of 4K projectors in theaters around the world.

The term 4K refers to approximately 4,000 pixels in width. Specifically, there are two main versions: 3840x2160 - exactly four times the resolution of 1080p, maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio - typically for 4KTV's; and 4096x2160 - a wider aspect ratio used in theaters. 




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